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What do we do?

In the performance of our work we apply the auditing focus of Morison International, our world-class firm, ninth in consultancy and auditing, which complies with the highest professional standards, constantly adapting us to our clients’ activities.

We describe below the services we provide:

Tax Management

  • Monthly Tax Advice

    Our team of specialists in the field of the accounting application of tax regulations enables us to provide the following services:
    Review of the monthly tax payments prepared by the client.
    Attending to tax consultations.
    Revision of the annual Income Tax Declaration.
    Advice during the process of SUNAT inspections.
    Preparation of tax reports.
    Zero tax contingencies.
    These services are provided on a monthly basis and include unlimited consultations and revision of the calculation of taxes prepared by the company so as to avoid future tax contingencies.

  • Preventive Tax Auditing

    The purpose of this service is the preventive verification of the correct calculation of the taxes to which companies are subject, based on the analysis of the economic operations recorded in their accounting, applying the requirements of the tax regulations applicable in each tax period, so that there are no contingencies or objections in the event of a possible inspection by SUNAT.

  • Advice on Inspection or Verification Proceedings

    This service develops a tax strategy to enable our clients to deal with an inspection or audit process by SUNAT with positive results, safeguarding their rights established in the legal regulations. It includes the prior analysis and evaluation of our clients’ accounting and tax documentation. Furthermore, our team of professionals permanently accompanies the entire process of inspection, evaluation and responding to the requirements of the tax auditor.

Accounting – Financial Consultancy

We provide efficient and accurate management of company accounting and payroll. As added value, we have the support of our other specialized areas in tax and legal matters:

  • Accounting management.
  • Payroll management.

Accounting update.

Accounting and Payroll Management

We manage Company´s accountancy and payroll with efficiency and exactitude. In addition, we have the support of our staff, which are specializing in tax and legal matters:

  • Accountancy Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Accountancy Update.

Financial Auditing


Our Financial Auditing service incorporates the following features:

We have a multidisciplinary team with broad experience, adaptable to the various needs of our clients and the business environment;

Thanks to our knowledge and training, we can provide a quality service with security and transparency, which will help you to have control of your financial information and provide you with recommendations of a management naturel;

Our personalized service has the following minimum objectives:

  • To review the financial information of a determined period in accordance with international auditing standards and issue an opinion on the reasonableness thereof; and

To provide recommendations regarding the functioning of the internal control system implemented by the company, influencing aspects of management.

Legal – Labour Consultancy

We provide a comprehensive advice service in various legal specialties, such as, for example:

  • Company law

    We offer advice to local and foreign investors on the development of their businesses, from their formation as well as during their entire growth process. Our legal advice focuses on the legal aspects of business activity, such as legal tax prevention and planning of clients’ activities.

  • Tax law

    Our specialized services in tax matters include permanent advice regarding the tax treatment applicable to the different industries operating in Peru. For that purpose, we carry out a complete and comprehensive analysis of their operations. Furthermore, we provide support in all types of tax proceedings before the different administrative and legal authorities.

  • Labour law

    Our specialized services in labour matters include the planning of hiring policies of local and foreign personnel. Furthermore, we perform labour audits, which enable us to issue a labour diagnosis with regard to the compliance of legal obligations, and then recommend the correction of possible contingencies.

In-house and other training

We provide updates and in-house training and prepare Technical Studies of Transfer Pricing.